The video shorts that I have created are probably the art that is most tied to my reasons for moving to America.

As soon as I was old enough to process mass media in Canada, I was instantly intrigued by the American culture which dominated my television, print, and theater outlets. As I learned about America, I routinely questioned whether the actual people were in fact like the characters that I saw on the news and read about daily. This led to me moving to Chicago in 1996 and completing my BA in media studies at DePaul. It was there that I studied video and art, while examining popular culture. In 1999 I got a job working as a video editor for a news monitoring agency, where I started cutting up the news footage that I was cataloging. In 2002 I completed my graduate work at SAIC, where i studied visual communication (design) theory, while working in video (and film) practice.

My thesis work included three separate videos.

First, a 20 minute video documenting a 24-hour bus ride to Dallas three weeks after September 11. Second, a 60 minute re-edit of David Mamet's Glengary Glen Ross. Finally, a re-creation (and combination) of Jean-Luc Godard's 1977 Television work France/Tour/Detour?Deux/Enfants, set in contemporary Chicago.

Since graduating I've created over twenty shorts which focus on media appropriation, most notably Terror Iraq Weapons (2002), which was shown in dozens of festivals worldwide and received much critical acclaim,

The videos that I've created are documents of moments in popular culture history. They often center around male figures, as this is what I know best. I look for things that men do, how they are represented. I deal mostly with white, heterosexual males and representation. I aim for humor and repetition to identify pattern and trends. I hope for a better understanding of what makes a man.


2009 - Video Art 101, Chicago Art Department
2009 - New Forms Festival, Canada
2008 - Vancouver International Film Festival
2008 - Looptopia, Chicago
2008 - PikseliAHKY 2008, Helsinki, Finland
2007 - G8:24HRS, Heiligendamm, Germany
2007 - Video Frames, Chicago Art Department
2007 - Hyde Park Arts Center, Chicago
2006 - Illegal Art Exhibit, Hollywood, Florida
2006 - Art of Games, SXU, Chicago
2006 - Resfest, Touring
2006 - R4WBIT5, Enemy Gallery, Chicago
2005 - Athens International Film+Video Festival
2005 - Eye and Ear Clinic, SAIC
2005 - Lost Film Festival 9.0, Philadelphia
2005 - Bike-In Theater, Iowa City, IA
2005 - Version 05 Festival, Chicago
2005 - Blur+Sharpen, Los Angeles
2004 - 6th Annual Video Marathon, NYC
2004 - Rapid Eye Festival, The Hague, Holland
2004 - Link's Hall, Chicago
2004 - Athens International Film+Video Festival
2004 - Chicago Underground Film Festival
2004 - Select Media Festival 3, Chicago
2004 - Impakt Festival, Netherlands
2004 - Resfest Digital Film Festival, Touring
2004 - Version 04 Festival, Chicago,
2004 - Free Form Film Festival, Columbus, Ohio
2004 - "Teen Chicago" Chicago History Museum
2004 - True/False Film Festival, Columbia, MI
2004 - Toronto Int'l Media Art Biennial, CA
2004 - Guerrilla Film Festival, Washington, D.C.
2004 - Freedom Cinema Festival, Park City, Utah
2004 - Int'l Film Festival Rotterdam, NE
2004 - Images Festival, Toronto, Canada
2003 - Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
2003 - Tulsa Overground Int'l Film Festival
2003 - Rencontres Int'l du Documentaire de Montreal
2003 - Motovun Film Festival, Croatia
2003 - Somerville ArtBeat Festival. Boston
2003 - Balagan Experimental, Boston
2003 - Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, Boston
2003 - PikseliAHKY 2003, Helsinki, Finland
2003 - Lost Film Festival 8.0, Philadelphia
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2001 - "Motioness", Conjugate Projekt, CTA Train
2001 - Aurora Film Show, Austin
2001 - Heaven Gallery, Chicago